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Fast, cheap, convenient and quick. If you are looking for extra cash, available on attractive terms, we have good news for you. Short-term loans are a great alternative to classic bank loans. Let’s look at the best short-term payday loans on the market.

Online short term loans – what are they about?

Online short term loans - what are they about?

The balance has only minuses and you have nothing to pay for your internet bill? Repairing your home budget requires your quick decision! Short-term payday loans are a solution that you can use when you find yourself in a sub-gate situation or you don’t have a chance to get a bank loan. You will receive this type of financing in several minutes, regardless of the purpose for which you want to allocate funds.

Here are the key features of online loans:

  • money available in many ways – you can borrow funds by submitting an online application, stationary going to the company’s branch, via SMS, as well as by visiting a consultant at home. See: Loans at the client’s home,
  • quick loan decision – if you care about time, short-term payday loans are granted even within 15 minutes,
  • without certificates – by applying to a non-bank company, you don’t have to worry about not meeting all the requirements. Often, to get cash, you only need an identity card, and all formalities are kept to a minimum.
  • without checking the BIK and KRD database – some lenders do not check the debtors’ databases, and even if they do, they do not attach too much importance to this. Many of them provide support, even if your credit history is not perfect. 

You can easily take short-term loans online. High availability and simplified procedures tempt potential customers. Just remember not to make decisions too hastily. Consider if you need cash and will you pay it back within the time limit!

Loan for a month without interest – how is it different from the normal one?

Loan for a month without interest - how is it different from the normal one?

When borrowing from a bank or non-bank company, you always have to take into account the unpleasant fact that the goal of such institutions is profit. As a result, you usually give more than you borrow. The exception in such situations are numerous promotions and discounts offered by lenders, but also free loans.

These are products with an APRC equal to 0%, which are usually granted for 30-, 45- or 65 days. A loan for a month without interest is often also called the so-called micro loan addressed to the company’s new clients. Usually, small amounts of $ 500-2000 are proposed. Although some lenders offer the first loans for $ 0, even up to $ 6,000. This amount will fully meet your immediate needs without worrying about paying off additional costs.

What distinguishes the payday loan from the APRC 0%?

  • APRC: 0%,
  • Lender’s margin: $ 0 It is an amount that is determined individually by the loan companies and is a pure profit for them,
  • Costs of additional services: $ 0. It happens that when borrowing you have to use additional products, e.g. insurance.

Remember that if you do not pay off your first loan within the prescribed period, it ceases to be free. The lender has the right to charge penalty interest for each day of delay!

Cheap payday pay for everyone? Here are the simple rules for granting

Cheap payday pay for everyone? Here are the simple rules for granting

Non-bank loans have for many years had the opinion of an expensive commitment that should not be reached. And this is a mistake! Today’s online payday loans that you can get are cheaper financial solutions that boldly compete with banking products.

Are you wondering who they are intended for and can anyone use their help? Short-term payday loans are offers addressed to adults who have a valid ID card. So you will receive money when you are studying, studying, retiring or even if you are not temporarily employed at the time of submitting the application.

To take a quick payday loan without certificates, you usually need:

  • permanent home address in Poland and registration within the country,
  • Polish citizenship,
  • personal account at one of Polish banks,
  • Social Security,
  • current phone number.

Did you know that loan companies that provide financial support do not require your documented credit history or your current job location along with the contract? In accordance with the principle of “minimum formalities”, they try to make it as easy as possible for clients to apply for additional funds.

Short-term loans for free – when a month is not enough!

Short-term loans for free - when a month is not enough!

Taking a classic payday pay with a monthly repayment period is not always a good solution to get out of financial trouble. You only have 30 days to pay back your debt – that’s why it’s only a good option if you are 100% sure that you can collect the necessary funds over a given period.

What to do if you are unable to pay the debt within a month? Pay attention to payday loans for 2 months, thanks to which you will gain more time to accumulate the required amount – and above all you will meet the urgent need.

An alternative to short-term loans are installment loans, which you can pay back in affordable installments over a long period of time. To do this, use our latest ranking, which presents the best offers on the market.

What to look for when taking an online loan?

What to look for when taking an online loan?

When looking for an attractive non-bank offer, it is worth considering several factors that will make it a profitable option for you. By the way, don’t forget to keep the rules on borrowing safely. Only in this way will you protect yourself against unwanted financial effects.

Therefore, before completing the loan application, check:

  • APRC. Remember that a zero APRC is usually found in offers for new customers. Further loans already bear interest !,
  • maximum amount and repayment period of the liability. Adjust the parameters to suit your financial capabilities. Don’t borrow if you can’t afford it!
  • promotions and discounts. Most lenders not only offer the first free payday loans, but also discounts on subsequent payday loans with a lower commission, rewards or cash bonus,
  • source of the page you borrow from. When sharing your personal information, make sure it reaches a credible loan company. You can find completely secure offers of loan companies in the comparison site Agree Bank,
  • loan agreement. Always try to read all the documents you sign. In particular, take a closer look at the information in a small print.

It doesn’t hurt to familiarize yourself with the terms of the offer and the consequences (including financial ones) that will occur if you are late in paying the liability. Also remember to verify the company in terms of quality of service and working hours. It may happen that you will need payday loans on the weekend.

Short-term loans – the best offers and the latest ranking!

Short-term loans - the best offers and the latest ranking!

If you decided on a short-term payday loan, you have two options to choose from. Look for reliable offers on “your own” or use the latest combination, with which you can match the selected offer to your needs. We rush with the answer, where you will find the best loans for a month without interest and more!

  • Binary Lender – a company with an established position on the market, which offers a promotional loan from the APRC 0% up to $ 3,000 for 61 days. It also proposes a refinancing solution, i.e. extending the repayment deadline by another 7, 14 or 30 days.
  • Spin Lender – the lender has in its offer the first free loan up to $ 3,000 for 45 days. For customers who meet their payments on time, they organize interesting competitions, e.g. discounts on another payday loan or extension of the payment deadline.
  • Copy Lender Bank – in this offer you will find payday payable with APRC 0% up to $ 6,000 and with a 65-day repayment period. Already 18-year-olds can apply for co-financing in the company!
  • Demo Lender Bank – the company offers the first promotional loan for $ 0 to $ 5,000 for 30 days. Customers can apply for payday loans 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.
  • Seventies bank – the classic first payday loan for free oscillates at $ 3,000 for 30 days. As the lender emphasizes, he is distinguished by the quick withdrawal of funds to the account – even on the same day.
  • MyCredit Lender – one of the most popular loan companies on the market. It offers the first loan from the APRC 0% up to $ 3,000 for 61 days. MyCredit Lender provides loans to 19-year-olds. All you need is an ID card.

Remember that choosing a specific offer requires checking various parameters. Therefore, in order not to get lost in the thicket of offers, use the Agree Bank comparison tool and compare individual loans with each other.

How do I apply for short-term loans online?

How do I apply for short-term loans online?

You can take products such as non-bank payday loans very quickly – without leaving your home. All you need is access to a network, laptop, phone or tablet.

The very order of actions is as follows:

1. Use the ranking available on Fine Bank and select the offer that interested you.

2. On the loan slider, select the amount needed along with the repayment period.

3. Complete the online form. Provide the most important information, such as: name, address, PESEL, citizenship, phone number and bank account, as well as approve the required marketing consents.

4. Verify your identity. Usually this is done by sending a verification transfer for $ 1 or $ 1. Alternatively, you confirm your credibility using the Infra or Centi Loan Lender application or via courier.

5. Wait for your application to be reviewed. The decision should come within a few minutes.

6. With a positive decision, a cash transfer will be made to your account expressly!

Loan companies determine the costs of granting loans themselves, which is why they can sometimes be higher than in banks. Keep this in mind when reaching for funds from non-bank institutions!

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