Loan for layette – payday loans for the new school year

Textbooks, school supplies, backpacks, uniforms are just one of the many expenses you have to bear when your child starts the new school year. Where to get the money for all this? A loan for a school layette is one of the financial solutions.

School set loan – how much do Poles spend?

School set loan - how much do Poles spend?

In August it gets extremely hot not only because of the sunny aura and the accompanying high temperatures. A real dizziness is served by expenses associated with completing the school kit. After all, raising children is one of the most important responsibilities and investing in the future. According to the report: ‘School layette 2019’ prepared by Deloitte, the average Polish family will spend on average $ 1,718 on school purchases. For families with one child it will be a minimum cost of $ 1,388, with two – $ 1,898. A family with three children will leave up to $ 2,742 in shops and bookstores 1.

Unfortunately, not every Polish home can afford the luxury of financing a school basket from its own budget. Some of them take out an online loan for this purpose.

A loan for a school layette – yes, but ignorance costs money!

A loan for a school layette - yes, but ignorance costs money!

Before we move on to the conditions for granting a loan for a school layette, let’s return to the Deloitte report. According to the survey, 90 percent respondents to their school expenses include notebooks, pencil cases, blocks, pens and pencils. In turn, 86 percent will buy clothing and footwear, and 80% – textbooks and books. Not much less, 79% Poles plan to make future students school bags and backpacks, and 42 percent. uniform. Adults are much less likely to invest in computer devices such as scanners and printers ( 18% ), as well as tablets ( 16% ) and digital subscriptions ( 15% ).

However, let us add that school layettes are not only material things necessary for proper education. It is also mandatory fees, e.g. for insurance, tuition, internet or parking. After all, these are also additional paid educational and developmental classes 2.

Where to get a loan for a school layette?

Where to get a loan for a school layette?

Getting such large amounts of current income is a real problem. It is therefore worth adding up all the costs and when you run out of funds, decide to borrow online. Choose the option that will be the least burdensome for you. However, before you do this, look carefully at the latest Best Bank ranking. Here are loan companies where you can finance urgent needs.

  • Across Lender – the lender offers the promotion of the first free loan for 61 days in the amount of $ 3,000. To receive cash, all you need is a valid ID card, account at a Polish bank, regular monthly income and a positive credit history,
  • Agree Bank – you have up to 45 days to pay off your first free loan of $ 3,000. Regular customers can count on amounts up to $ 6,000,
  • MyCredit Lender – where does MyCredit Lender come from? Because you can get the first free loan in the amount of $ 5,000. If you are already a customer of the company, you will apply for 10,000 $,
  • Funding Square Bank – is an offer for people who need a small injection of cash for a short period. In addition, the lender offers promotional discount codes for regular customers,
  • Fine Bank – Fine, one of the best known loan companies, could not miss our list. The lender proposes the first free loan of $ 3,000 with the APRC 0%. It also offers solutions to extend the payday period,
  • Instant Care Bank – another proposal for people who are looking for non-bank financing. As part of the “Borrowing at the level” promotion, the company offers a loan of up to $ 20,000 with one installment for free. Read more: Instant Care Bank up to $ 20,000 with one installment for free and deferment!
  • Lite lender company – in the case of this company, you have 45 days to pay back the first free loan for $ 0. The maximum amount of the first payday loan is $ 3,000, and the next amount is $ 6,000. There is also a loan refinancing solution.

Loan loan uneven – what to watch out for?

Loan loan uneven - what to watch out for?

Although a loan for a school layette is noteworthy financial support, it cannot be taken on impulse. Pay attention primarily to the costs associated with it: including APRC, commissions and interest for late repayment of debt. The loan period is equally important. And most importantly – the contract itself, which must be absolutely understandable for the borrower. It should contain such points as: payday amount, interest rate, repayment date, commission amount, fee for postponing the repayment date and additional costs, as well as the rules for withdrawing from the contract.

If you do not understand the terms of the contract, do not sign it! Ask the loan company consultant for any ambiguities.

When choosing a loan institution, don’t forget about the security issue. The standard procedure used by lenders is encrypted connections. Reliable loan companies benefit from a number of safeguards that protect important personal data of their clients.

Borrow with your head!

Borrow with your head!

This year’s loan for a school layette will certainly have a slightly smaller dimension. This is due to the benefit of the “500 plus” family, which will finance part of the spending. The “Good Start” program with an additional $ 300 for a student is also useful for parents and guardians of children. Just submitting your application in August will result in your withdrawal being paid by September 30. When you do this after November 30, the benefit will be forfeited. These are certainly effective projects combating the problem of education and poverty among minors. However, a separate issue is how adults will use the money they receive.

That’s why loan companies don’t ask what you borrow for. It may well be a loan for a school layette, for organizing a “last minute” trip or even for refurbishing a small student’s room.

Every consumer has the right to withdraw from the payday contract within 14 days of its conclusion. You do not even have to give the reason for termination of cooperation, you simply give it up.

School set loan – 7 principles of responsible borrowing

School set loan - 7 principles of responsible borrowing

1. Consider whether a loan for a school layette is the only “lifeline “. There are other ways to finance expenses, e.g. a revolving loan,

2. Take as much as you need. Don’t take out loans. Remember that every penny you have to pay back to the lender. Adjust the amount of the commitment to your financial capabilities,

3. Carefully read the payday agreement. Do it before you sign!

4. Check carefully any additional costs and fees associated with taking out the loan,

5. Pay the commitment on time!

6. Use the services of reliable loan companies. The list of safe lenders is in the Best Bank ranking,

7. Don’t be afraid to ask and talk when you don’t understand something. Trusted company consultants are available on helplines or chats.

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